Friday, May 24, 2013

March, April and May 2013

It's been a while since I have had five minutes to post anything, but I really want to get everything updated so I can print our family book at the end of year-so get ready for picture overload.
We started March off with a big birthday. I have no clue how in world this Alexis is already 9.  She is the best daughter, so caring and thoughtful and takes such good care of her brother and sister. The things that come out of her mouth on a daily basis just make Justin and I laugh and shake our heads. She is so sarcastic and has the best sense of humor. I love this girl to the moon and back.
I love this picture of her in the car. The only decorations she wanted for her party were balloons...and boy did she get balloons, in fact the biggest balloons the store sold.
But before her family party, I had a little surprise, and we dragged Kyle along with us.

Aunt Jamie and I took the kiddos to Disney on Ice for Alexis and Morgan's birthday. Kyle loved the viking part and his super cool horned helmet he got with his cotton candy.

Alexis was in heaven going to see Tangled and hanging out with Morgan and Taylor the whole day. My favorite part was listening to Alexis and Morgan sing every single song in the play (eerily reminding me of Jamie and I when we were little).

After Disney on Ice we came back to our house and had a little family birthday party for her.

I definitely had a little helper earlier in the day when I was cutting all the strawberries. 
Lulu loved that her Dad let her have a mouthful of whipping cream after she blew out the candles.
Every year Justin and I take the kiddos on a date night for their birthday, lucky for us, both Kyle and Alexis wanted to see Oz. So we took Kenzie to grandma's and took these two out. They loved the waterfalls at Farmington Station and loved the 3D glasses we got for the show.

Alexis had her first piano recital right after her birthday. Her teacher Julie Jensen is fabulous and Alexis loves her daughter Kayla. So glad we found such an amazing teacher on I was so proud of her and she did such a great job with her songs-Winnie the Pooh, Go Tell Aunt Rhody and It's a Small World.

After her recital we met Uncle Ty at Discovery Gateway for McKadin's birthday and the kids all had so much fun together.

I love how McKadin is sprawled across the rock wall.

I also learned that Alexis has hidden talent for hula hooping. She is so good at it, and apparently does it all the time at school.

Alexis even got Grandma Brenda in on the action. 

But then decided to show her up and do not one, not two...but three hula hoops all at once.

Uncle Ty thought it would be fun to build a block tower around Kyle. Kyle wasn't so sure, but was a good sport and stood super still for Ty.

I took like 20 pictures of these two in front of the awesome metal words, but finally gave up when I could not get them to cooperate.

Love little Lincoln..he is so cute and I love those big brown eyes-a little drummer in training-just like his Dad.

Makenna could not figure out why we were dying eggs, but once she figured out that it turned the eggs colors she was in heaven. 
The kids woke up super early on Easter morning, but we totally made Kyle and Alexis wait for Makenna to wake up. We are so mean, but we really didn't want Makenna to be onry all day. Kyle was so excited that he got a new skylanders toy and gave Justin the biggest hug after going threw his basket. I love these two boys so much.
This little girl sure loves her Daddy too.  

Easter Best. Of course it's tradition to get the kiddos new church clothes for Easter. I don't know how my little man go so handsome and grown up. 

The girls got spoiled this year because Grandma Brenda made Alexis a super cute skirt and made Makenna a matching dress. 

This was honestly the only picture I could get of Makenna the whole day...she was running around loving her new twirly skirt.

Love her big blue eyes and that strawberry blonde hair. So glad she is mine...

We live in the best circle and have the best neighbors. Every year we do an Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids and ALL the kids went crazy. I think each kid ended up having over 30 eggs.  This is Kyle's cute girlfriend Lilian. She lives two doors down and is in his kindergarten class and is honestly the cutest little girl-Kyle even told her that he wants to marry her when they are older and she was all for it. So CUTE!!! I have a ton of pictures of them on my phone that I have to share one of these days. 
As you can probably tell our March was super busy and crazy every single weekend. So, I may of talked Alexis into waiting until April to have her friend party. Plus they were off track in March, so it worked out well postponing her Pinwheel Palooza party a couple weeks.

This was Alexis' first friend party ever, and she loved every minute of it.  They made pinwheels, painted their nails, ate lots and lots of ice cream and played Apples to Apples.  These seven girls laughed and screamed and giggled and raised the noise level in our house by about 100 octaves, but they all had fun and that's what matters. I had the worst friend party ever when I was about 10 and basically never wanted a friend party I was so glad that Alexis' party went so well.
 (oliva, alexis, mallory, mckinlie, madison, kayla and morgan)
Makenna may of not been nine years old, but she wanted to be with the girls the whole night and followed all of them around the whole time.   I love this picture of her with the sun in the background...

and this picture of Madison, the sun was absolutely amazing and it was just making me happy with how hazing the pictures were coming out.
On Mother's Day morning, my cute kids surprised me with the most darling homemade gifts with homemade wrapping paper. Plus, Alexis and Justin woke up at 645am to try and sneak down and make me breakfast. Too bad I am such a light sleeper and heard them, but I played along and just stayed upstairs and picked up my room until they were finished. It's the thought that counts, right?
Kyle made me the cutest purple corkboard, I love it.  

Alexis knitted and weaved me a purple and brown heating pad. I was shocked that she made this at school with McKinlie.

My cute Makenna gave me the best present...she decided to clean the kitchen after breakfast for me and for Justin.  

Last week I had to go to Portland for Quilt Market (I will have to post about next time-one of the funnest trips I've ever gone on). But the day I left I decided to take my kids to the park in the morning and have a little fun and break out my camera for a couple hours. 

oh geez...this little man needs a haircut
Makenna decided to try a little surfing.

When I downloaded my pictures I just started smiling when I saw this one.  Kenzie is such a happy little girl when she is outside. I am absolutely in love with this picture of her.

I think I've given up on getting a picture of all three kiddos at once. But I sort of love this picture. Alexis trying to kiss Kyle, Makenna freaking out and Kyle just being his sweet little self. Somehow this picture is completely perfect to me.
Did I tell you that we tried about a gazillion time to get a fun picture of all of them? The pics may not of turned out how I wanted, but we sure did have fun at the park.


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