Monday, August 26, 2013

This Summer Has Flown By

Lots of changes have happened over the summer and lots of fun adventures too. 
June started out with Kyle graduating kindergarten. He is such a smart kid and school comes so easy to him. I took him in for his year end testing and he was given 20 minutes, literally 3 minutes later his teacher walks out with thinking the worst-what's wrong, did he not know any of his words or letters, etc... Oh no, she said everything was great and he was DONE. She said that she has never had a kid get 100% on his test and finish it so quickly.    I was so proud of him, but deep down I'm a little worried that he is going to be just like me and school just comes so easily that he gets bored, but I'm not quite OK with him skipping a grade and struggling to get up to speed, so bored it is. 
Kyle totally lucked out and got Mrs. James, who was also Alexis' kindergarten teacher.
 Kyle's best friend Lilian moved a week before graduation, but Makenna quickly stepped up and since she goes to daycare with him, it was perfect. I will tell you-I have a feeling Kyle loves those cute brunette's. 
Someone was excited to get a couple hours away from daycare with just Mom.
I also turned 33, and the only thing I wanted for my birthday was to have Alexis let me curl her hair and to take a cute (non-silly) picture. She cut her hair off shortly after this picture and now it makes me wish it was long again.    
The other thing I wanted for my birthday was to buy black mulch for all the curbing we cleaned out in May and to get the weed mat laid.   There is still one section we have left, but one out of 25, I'll take it.  Trees are going in this Fall and next Spring bushes and rocks. Makenna has a new found love of shopping and has to come with me EVERYWHERE, at least she's happy when she comes, and loved the Lowe's cart she got to ride on. 
I ended up going back to Portland for work in June, and that same weekend Justin had to go to New York, so thank goodness for my mom and for her watching all three of our kids for us.   This trip to Portland was a ton of fun, this might just be one of my most favorite cities. 
The first day Allison and I were setting up, our booth neighbor started talking to us and we found out he lives in the Avenues and is dating one of Allison's friends, so...he instantly became our new best friend. Justin went everywhere with us the whole week. It was nice to have a guy around, it made Allison and I feel much safer.   The first night we went to VooDoo doughnuts and I'll tell you the second time around it was just as good and even more entertaining.  VooDoo isn't in the best part of town and the three of us sat and people watched for a couple hours. 
 The next night we went exploring and found the cutest neighborhood (I instantly feel in love, it was clean, modern and so different from any place in Utah).  Check out the patios on these apartments, I mean honestly, I would move here in a heartbeat.

 Plus it was only a block away from Jameson Square and a way yummy sorbet shoppe.

The next night we actually went back to the same area, but got there in time to do a little shopping. Portland has some awesome vintage stores all over the place.   I loved that these initials were sitting on the open ledger, made me think of my dad.  Oblation, Jonathan Adler and Powell's Books might of also been hit by the three of us. Too bad everything was so expensive...but than again maybe it was a blessing in disguise. 

The three of us also found a cool Gateway-esque mall. The only store that was still open was Urban Outfitters, so Justin and I did some damage there and just sort of dragged Allison around with us. (I have to tell with Justin might just be the best thing in the world-he's gay, and has amazing taste and knows how to find the best clothes for such a good price).

I came home from Portland to find that Grandma had bought the kids a blowup pirate pool. Even though the wind was awful, the kids still loved it and girls were Arghhhing all day long. 

Kyle thought the pool days would make a great jet pack and sword, but eventually decided to would be fun to play in the water too.
That weekend was Ty's birthday and Steph had a fun summer party at their house with us and Jamie's family.  Of course the girls spent the whole afternoon in the water.  

I just love how chunky Slade is, he is such a cutie.

After the kids ate and were all tired from playing in the water all day we roasted marshmallows and just enjoyed having all the cousins together. 

I was also asked to take pictures for Kristin's family. It was so crazy to see her family, who was basically my second family in high school. Crazy to think that I've know this girl for more than half my life.  I wish that life would slow down sometimes so that the two of us could see each more often and reconnect. Especially since we have kids that exact same ages. 
I actually think that the only reason I blog anymore is just so it's super easy to do my year in review family photobook. So I'm determined to keep doing it this year, but next year...I might finally admit to myself that I'm over blogging and move on.

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paxtonfam said...

Thank you for taking the family photos for us. You are super talented! I wish we could see each other more too!