Saturday, June 25, 2011

we love the sun

The kids have been begging me to take them to Grandma's pool since school ended. Since it was so nice today we decided to not worry about cleaning the house and went and had fun.   But I did make the kiddos go to Old Navy with me to spend a gift card I had and Alexis found this cute sun hat for $1.98. Pretty sweet deal, and she looks adorable in it too. 

I've been putting off letting Kyle go swimming this year because of his surgery a few months ago.  But he promised me he wouldn't jump in and wouldn't dunk his head.  He did great and was very careful to not get his ears wet-in fact I think the only reason his hair is wet was because of Alexis splashing around with another little boy in the pool. 

My little dramatic girl was exhausted from playing at the pool all afternoon. On the drive home she stretched her arms out the sun roof and said "Now this is paradise" Oh my goodness, she is a silly little girl that says the craziest things. Although this time I would have to agree. 

We left this little squirt at home with Daddy today, hopefully next time she will go with us.  I couldn't not put a picture of my baby up, and of course it's one of her outside. She loves being outside more than anything and I'm loving all the new blonde streaks that are starting to show. I have a feeling that auburn hair isn't going to be around much longer. 

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