Friday, May 13, 2011

at 9 months

at 9 months, Makenna….

...loves to stand up and loves to walk while holding your fingers, but she is getting more and more daring, I have a feeling walking is in the not so distant future.

…crawls everywhere and the past few days has started to crawl with this funny pirate looking peg-leg crawl. It is hilarious her right leg will be bent, but the left leg is out to the side and straight, I think she’s channeling her inner Jack Sparrow

...Is eating everything in sight, she loves the baby cheetos, pancakes, eggs, bread and CHEEEESE (shocking, another one of my kids loves rolls and cheese)

...has become a shy little one whenever someone besides mom or dad wants to hold her

…developed a crazy attachment to me and her favorite babysitter Cambree. If one of us isn’t around watch out for the tears and drama to begin. Including flaying herself backwards and hitting her head on the ground (I have a feeling she is going to be my full out tantrum baby)

…the Boulter curls are coming. This makes me so happy-I loved Alexis’ curls, that I also had and I have been wishing and hoping that she would get them. I love how cute the little ringlets are getting on the sides of her ears. 

...Knows the word “no” but still loves to go straight to our cable box with those pretty blue lights or the ever tempting dvd shelf, which has found a new home all over the floor by my couch

…still has not slept in her crib. She finally outgrew her swing, and has given into sleeping in her pack-n-play. Hopefully her crib will be in the near future

…wakes up every morning saying “dada, dada, dada, dada” until he finally gives in and gets her. One nice thing about her loving to say dada is that I can get few extra minutes of sleep since she only wants her “dada”, right? ;)

…still has the prettiest blue eyes and chubby cheeks that you just can’t help but pinch and is always happy and smiley.

Xoxo baby girl.

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