Friday, September 10, 2010

What we've learned

Here's what we've learned in the past month...

Everyone has a bad hair day

When she's hungry, there is nothing that is going to stop her from eating-how lucky an I that she'll hold her bottle-sort of ;). She may hold her bottle, but she'll flip you off the entire time-blame it on her daddy-it must be hereditary.

This little boy has become a total momma's boy with me home all day.

and he can't give this little girl enough kisses and hugs.

Makenna gets more adorable every single day, and we just shake our head at daddy when he comes in and mom's on the floor taking pictures of her.

Her little hands are quickly becoming her best friend.

She may win the contest for having the bluest eyes in the family.

and we all love this little angel.

We've also learned that:
  •  Sleep is highly overrated-who needs to sleep more than 3 hours to function?
  • I sit and watch the clock, just praying that its 3:25pm so I can go pick up Alexis and give Kyle someone to play with.
  • Every second of silence just cost me hundreds of dollars…because I’ve learned that when a six and three year old are silent something is seriously wrong, or they are being little mischievous things. 
  • I love wearing comfy clothes all day, but I’m also missing the days when I was dressed and showered by 7am. 
  • Never knew that going to the grocery store could be so challenging with three kids. 
  • Being a stay-at-home is so much busier than I ever expected. How is it that I got more done when I was working 9 hours a day, than I do being at home all day? 
  • So sick and tired of doctor’s office…and there is just more to come. (I found out this week that all the swelling and circulation problems I had in my right arm the last few weeks of my pregnancy isn't going away the way my OB said it would. I have a NCV test on the 20th to test my nerve responses and find out if the damage to my median nerve in both of my wrists is repairable, and I have surgery on the 29th to fix the carpal tunnel issues from the swelling that have never gone away. I just hope that the nerve damage isn't permanent because I really miss having feeling in my hand, and not cringing everytime I pick up a car seat or sweep or blow dry my hair.)
  • Love being told how skinny I look, and I love that I’ve lost over 30 pounds this last month. 
  • Hate being told by Alexis that I’m a horrible mom because I don’t pay enough attention to her and Kyle. (wow-talk about making me feel horrible, especially when I spend all day doing everything for them, but somehow it’s still not enough). Learned that I have to keep repeating to myself that she’s SIX, and I can’t let her hurt my feelings 
  • 45 minutes of alone time is priceless.


nicole said...

Oh you made me teary Shara. Being a stay home mom is hard. Your whole day is devoted to your precious kids...and they are too young to appreciate it. But they do...they just tell you in their own way. My hearts with you!

Jocelyn Pehrson said...

Oh man! I hope you nerves are going to be okay too! That is scary I didn't know all that was going on with you! My prayers are with you.