Sunday, August 2, 2009

Best Boating Day Ever

Alexis and I went boating with my family this weekend (Justin blew his knee out-AGAIN-playing basketball, so he stayed home with Kyle). If I'm being completely honest, it was the best boating day ever. Everyone was in such a good mood and we had a blast. The kids were all happy and all the "adults" if you can call us adults were acting like little kids again. Plus the lake was practically empty-so we had awesome water all day.

Jamie, Britt and I felt like teenagers again and had so much fun out on the water wienie together. I seriously don't think we stopped laughing the entire time. Sorry Britt-put I had to use this picture because your hair is freakin' awesome!

Alexis loved going on the water wienie with Taylor and Morgan, I think Jamie and I were more nervous for our girls to be out there by themselves than they were.

Alexis did convince me to go tubing with her, and kept wanting to go faster and faster.

Alexis shocked me like crazy yesterday. I'm not sure if its because Kelby and Taylor were there, but she had no fear about jumping into the lake all by herself. She has never done this before and literally every time the boat stopped the three of them were jumping off the back of the boat. I have no doubt in my mind my daughter got that Boulter Water Gene.

Oh and that Boulter posing gene too! What's a day out without a mini photo shoot? Don't ask? I have no idea where these little poses come from.

It was so fun to have Grandpa B up there with us. He seriously just kept shaking his head at us all day, I think this trip also brought back memories of his crazy grandkids again.

What's a summer boating trip without surprising someone with an obnoxious birthday song, posters, balloons and utter embarrassment. Lucky for us, its not hard to embarrass my mom. Her birthday isn't until next Sunday, but we sure did surprise her yesterday. Happy early 50th Birthday Mom!


E n D said...

What do you mean you have no idea where those poses come from? Like mother like daughter :) Looks like an awesome day on the lake!

Natalie said...

Oh!!! So sad I missed it. Glad you guys had fun!

Thorpe Family said...

shara! nice shot of my hair! and i couldn't agree more! Super fun day!

jjtsoccer said...

This was definetly the best boating trip we had in a long time, we need to do it again!