Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Baptism, an Egg Hunt & a Naked Bum

The first half of April has literally flown by. But I can say that I'm offically caught up on editing all of my pictures from March and April-Yeah (it's probably a good thing too because I have a ton of photography sessions coming up, and going through my personal pictures will probably be the last thing I have time for)

My sweet Alexis got baptized on April 7th. After the ordination I was helping her get dressed and she tells me "This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me".  She is such a blessing in our lives and is an amazing example to all of us. I absolutely love walking into her room and seeing her say her prayers, it makes me think that maybe I am doing something right as a mom.  

After her open house we had a little egg hunt and completely surprised the kids. Just love all the new facial expressions Alexis pulls everytime my camera is out.

Kyle is such a good big brother, and gives Kenzie hugs all the time. Plus the sweet boy gave her half his eggs during our hunt so she didn't feel bad.  

I caught these two girls sneaking outside right before our egg hunt, and Makenna was so excited when she found this egg, Sophie on the otherhand was not too happy with her and kept telling her to put it back.  Don't worry-they hugged it out a couple minutes later.  I have a sneaking suspension that Sophie and Makenna are going to be in seperable in the next couple of years. 

Just like these two crazy boys are. Kyle & McKadin love to be around each other and get along better than any two kids I've ever met.  They both adore Zach too. (Probably because he can beat almost any level on the Wii and can build cool lego sculptures for them)

I know this picture is blurry, but could I resist that cute little bum

This little man gets cuter everytime I see him.  I honestly think I may have the cutest nieces and nephews on the planet. I mean seriously-check out those big puppy dog eyes.

A couple weeks ago we spent the day at Planet Play with Steph, her kids and Grandma Brenda.  My kids told me that they never want to go to Chuck-E-Cheese again and want to come here for every birthday.  They each got a little debit card to play arcade games with-which I loved so we didn't have to keep track of tokens-plus all the tickets they won just got loaded on the card se we didn't have to carry those around either.   The boys and Alexis loved Laser Tag, and I loved that I had a higher score than Justin. Oh and I also loved that I beat in the basketball shoot-out.  We also played mini-golf and rode the go carts.  Everyone was exhausted by the time we left, as you can tell from this picture of Makenna and my mom. 

Ok, maybe not everyone. These two boys probably couuld of played 20 more games of laser tag.

On Easter we had a really fun egg hunt in our circle right after church. I honestly am so thankful we live were we do because we have the best neighbors and all of us have kids the exact same ages.  

This is such a Makenna face, I'm sure she was yelling at one of the kids because she wanted to go play. She's only 20 months old, but man these faces and especially the crusties and dirty about being able to give someone the "evil eye". 

While the kids were looking for Easter eggs I noticed that my hydrangea plant is getting ready to bloom. I cannot wait!  

This would be the only picture I have of all three of them together on Easter in their new clothes. The little stinkers take after their Dad and literally were in comfy clothes within 5 minutes of us getting home from church. So this one picture will have to do (blurry and all) 

Love this cute little chubby hand holding the basket. Definitely my new favorite.

It's such a nice relief to finally have my blog and pictures caught up. Check and Check!

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paxtonfam said...

I can't believe Alexis is baptized already! Where did the time go? Looks like things are going well for you :)