Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Dear February
(January and December, really the past 18 weeks),

Our relationship was much too short
In fact it was fleeting
You were gone so quickly that I don't even remember you
I wish you would stay longer next time so we can get acquainted better
Please give your friend, March, a message for me:
I would like him to stay longer than you
I need more time
More time to get everything done
More time to stop and soak it all in
More time to focus on the little things
And less weeks that feel like a blur

So, please, (I'm even begging) ask March to stay and hang out a while
I don't understand what the rush is all about anyway.

Sincerely, Me
(I hate posting without a picture...so here you go, I totally wish these would grow in my backyard, aren't they the coolest plants ever?)

Alexis' birthday party pictures hopefully coming later this week. I gotta get my husband to finish formatting my computer so I can download my pictures again. I may just have to threaten to hijack his computer and steal away his precious Warcraft time, and his precious space on his hard drive.

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