Monday, May 25, 2009

a day at Disney

Well, technically I can't say it was exactly a day at Disney, more like 12 hours.
  • Friday at 8:15pm-Mention to Justin how much fun it would be to go to Disneyland tomorrow (he was spontaneous on Labor Day, I get to be spontaneous on Memorial Day).
  • Friday at 9:00pm-Get to Brandon and Nat's house, get the kids to sleep and try to figure out what we are going to do.
  • Saturday at 3:38am-On the road, driving to Disneyland.
  • Saturday at 8:15am (Pacific Time)-Waiting in line for the Tram to take us to the Park Entrance.
  • Saturday at 9:00pm-Waiting in line for the Tram to take us back to our car.
  • Saturday at 10:15pm-Finally find the on ramp to I-15 and start heading back to St. George-a map could have been super helpful!!!
  • Sunday at 3:31pm-Pull into Brandon and Nat's driveway, almost exactly 24 hours later.
  • Sunday at 7:30am-Kiddos wake up ready to start another day.

Yes, we are completely crazy. What started out as a nice quite weekend in St. George to hang out with the family, turned into one crazy whirlwind of a weekend, with me getting about 10 total hours of sleep since Thursday night. But the sleepless nights were completely worth it. (For what's its worth, Justin slept 10 hours on Sunday-how is that fair?) I have been told multiple times that it was my idea, so I get the short end of the sleeping stick this time.

Alexis was so excited when she woke up and found out we were going to Disneyland, she literally couldn't sit still.

We let the kiddos both pick out a hat as their souvenir. Of course Alexis picks the Minnie Princess Ears with a Tiara and Veil. And Kyle, he screamed Buzzzzzzz at the top of his lungs when he saw this hat, and now almost 48 hours later he is still wearing this hat. The best investment we have made in a long time.

Most of the time the Hat is "Buzz", but we got a rare picture of him wearing the "Zurg" side.

What do you think is going on inside that head? Such a contemplative look. I think she saw the line to Dumbo and decided it wasn't worth her time to go on it this year.

This was Kyle on the 2nd ride of the day-yes the 2nd ride. I knew it was going to be a long day for him when at 9:30am he was already tuckered out. I guess seeing a life-size Buzz Lightyear would do that to a 2 year old.

Alexis loved going on the Princess Walk and meeting Mulan, Aurora and Cinderella. Kyle wasn't so sure, but he was a good sport and at least leaned in for the picture.

Now this little Pooh Bear made Kyle the happiest camper. He kept hitting my arm and saying "Momma, pooh, momma pooh".

It was a really fun trip, and we did so much in 12 hours, even with horrible holiday crowds. Alexis' favorite ride was the Matterhorn. Yes, you heard me right, she loved the Matterhorn and went on it twice, plus this time she loved Pirates and loved being able to sit in the front row. Kyle on the other-hand hated the Pirate ride, but loved the Haunted Mansion, and the Buzz Lightyear ride. We started the day off going on Buzz and ended the day by going on Buzz. We stopped at McDonalds and bought food, and within 30 seconds of the kids being done with their dinner they were gone. Complete Exhaustion had set in.

Oh, and we also got to spend time with the family...Here's Ty and little Sophie.

Off to eat dinner and watch the Bachelorette.


paxtonfam said...

Wow, you're quite the spontaneous girl! Looks like you had a blast :)

M'lisa said...

That is awesome!! Fun stuff! I'm glad it all worked out perfectly...aside from the sleep deprivation part!!