Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Day

The past week we have just been bombarded with snow, but the kids have loved getting all their snow gear on and playing. I totally lucked out and got them both snow suits on 75% clearance at Smith's the day of our huge storm.

Alexis loves to throw snowballs and make snow angels, and probably would have spent hours outside if we let her. Her and Justin tried to make a snowman, but the dang snow was too fluffy and wouldn't roll into a ball for anything. Hopefully next time.

Kyle was the recipients of one too many snowballs. The poor little boy wasn't really sure why every time he turned around his sister was throwing snow at him. After about 10 minutes he was done and wanted to go inside and watch Elmo.

My eyes are doing a ton better. Everyday things get a little clearer (in fact I'm typing this without my reading glasses). Justin took this picture of me right after I got home-he thought it was pretty cool how big my eye was, as Brandon said "your eye is totally freaking me out". Thankfully both of my eyes look normal again.

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Anonymous said...

Iam glad you are doing good! Your kids look so cute in the snow! You guys need to think about fun stuff you want to do when you are down here!