Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My personal MODEL

I am now in week 3 of my photography class and I am loving everything about it. Unfortunately for Justin, it is driving him crazy because my camera is out every couple of hours. This weekend I had a couple of assignments I had to complete, and Alexis was at a sleepover, so poor Kyle became my personal MODEL. He loved all the attention, and also loved to look at himself on the viewfinder. Here are a couple of pictures I shot over the weekend.

I was playing around with my white balance-so my indoor pictures don't have an orangish tint to it, and I was working with my lighting to try and get some catchlights in his eyes.

This photo was all about the viewpoint. The shadows are a little harsh, but I love the look on his face and clouds in the background. BTW-he was flying on my knees when I took this picture.

My new favorite composition rule is Leading Lines. I love how the window frame lead your eyes to Kyle's cute little head poking out of the house.
I can't wait for this weekend. We are planning on going to Temple Square to see the Christmas Lights-lot of photo ops!

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Amber said...

Where are you taking your classes?