Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Fun!

Wow, I can’t believe it is only the 9th of December-we have been so busy with Holiday Stuff it seems like it should be January already. I was downloading pictures yesterday and since Nov. 30th I have taken over 150 pictures (yes, a lot of those are because of my photography class, but still-that’s a lot of scrapbooking I gotta catch up on).

Last week Alexis and I made sparkly snowflakes. I don’t know what I was thinking-glitter is showing up all over my house, but she is had so much fun, so it was all worth it.

We also had decided to watch “The Polar Express” and Alexis had to have DOUBLE HOT CHOCOLATE, just like the kids have. I think her and Justin just started a new tradition.

On Friday night we had the Meredith Family Christmas Party. Alexis and Kyle had so much fun running around with their cousins. About an hour after the party started Alexis came up to me and said “Mommy-I think Cody is connected to me.” The poor girl was mauled by her cousins all night long and Cody was attached to her hip. (Don't you just love how his arm is around her? Cody is so protective of Alexis, it's adorable)

Caleb and Alexis giving Grandma a huge hug.

Alexis and her cousins opening up presents. The next closest girl cousin to Alexis is Alyda, who is only 5 months old. The poor girl gets stuck playing cars and dinosaurs everytime she sees her cousins. But thankfully she has lots of boys to protect her when she gets older. Seeing them makes me thing of poor Tyler, now I feel bad that Jamie and I always forced him to play dolls, Ewoks and sing and dance with us-ahh memories (Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing is still my all time favorite-sorry, inside joke).

Kyle ran around like crazy all night long. I just wish I could have that kind of energy. Justin is going to kill me for putting this picture on the blog (because it shows his balding spot), but I loved that Kyle took time out from running around to give his Daddy a kiss. Good thing Justin never looks at our blog, maybe he’ll never know. :)

There have been 3 news babies born in the last 5 months and I spent most of the night holding 2 of them. I didn’t think about taking pictures of Luke, I was just enjoying being able to rock a baby to sleep, but I got some super cute ones of Alyda.

Wait-What's this, I'm actually in a picture! This never happens. It takes a lot for me to give up the camera, you never know when a perfect phot op is going to happen-you have to be prepared.

I got a couple of free tickets to the Festival of Trees this year, so my mom and I braved the crazy crowds and took the kids. Alexis loved all the Nutcrackers and Tinkerbell trees, and Kyle was crazy about anything with Disney (more specifically Pooh). With 2 kids it is hard to walk up and down every isle, but we happened to go down an isle with 3 trees dedicated to Scott, Lynn, and Laura Morgan-they were all gorgeously decorated.

Saturday morning about 2am both of my kids woke up with horrible coughs and all day Sunday they progressively got worse, and then the fevers came. Kyle was having such a hard time breathing and it was just getting worse, so about midnight I gave in and took Kyle to the ER. They rushed us back and his oxygen level was in the low 70’s and normal is mid-high 90’s. He had to get 2 respiratory treatments in the matter of just a couple of hours. Thankfully about 3am he stabilized and his x-rays came back clean, we got home about 3:30am. Turns out both of my kids have severe croup and Kyle has an upper respiratory infection too. The sad part is we were the 3rd toddler in the ER and they all had the same thing, what a nasty virus. It’s been a long couple of days, but today they are both doing much better. I’m just thankful it happened right now and they both got it at the same time, so we can get them both better for Christmas.


E n D said...

Wow, December's not even half over yet and you've been crazy busy! We got your Christmas card--it's SO CUTE! You are so crafty! Oh, I think Justin probably will kill you for putting his "bald spot" photo on the blog :)

jjtsoccer said...

Way cute pics, I am so glad we can keep in touch this way since we don't see each other to much. We really need to plan monthly get togethers. It will be wierd not to see everyone for the holidays, hope you have a great Christmas!

paxtonfam said...

love that picture of the head of your husband's hair. i wish our husbands were better friends, then it would be a breeze hanging out with you.