Thursday, October 2, 2008

Everyday Life

Since nothing fun and exciting has happened over the past week, I thought I would post some pictures of our everyday life. Just a glimpse into our everyday life that keeps me going in a thousand different directions every single day.

Alexis is probably one of the oldest girls in her dance class, but you have to be 5 to move up, so she has a few more months. They were learning how to do summersaults last week and most of the girls could barely do one, but Alexis showed them all up by doing them across the entire length of the dance floor. She was so proud of herself and gave her teacher a huge hug afterwards, and in return got 2 stamps rather than just 1.

"eese, eese" this would be Kyle's new favorite food and his new word of the week. This little boy is addicted to cheese (and that's an understatement), he honestly could eat an entire block in a week if we let him. The first thing he does when I get home is grab my hand, pull me over the fridge and start pointing to the drawer where the cheese is and says "eese, eese". It is so adorable!

My little sister, Madison, turned 5 last week (which I still can't believe). Madison had a really fun pretend sleepover birthday party, Alexis loved being able to wear her pj's while the sun was still out. These two girls absolutely love each other and always give each other a huge hug everytime they see each other, thankfully this time I had my camera ready.

Have you ever seen a sadder face, I just love those puppy dog eyes? Kyle's hair was getting too long for me to spike anymore so I gave in and took him to get his haircut. He was so good sitting in the chair and looked so handsome afterwards, but for some reason he just had this sad look on him the whole time. I did find out that when his hair grows out it is curly just like his sisters was-I might have to give in and let it grow out, just so the curls can show.


paxtonfam said...

Darling pictures! You are one busy lady, shall we say wonderwoman!?!

JaredandKatie said...

Her hair has fallen out on top. She's so sute because she has tons of hair on the back of her head but she's almost bald up front. Jared says she has his hairline!!