Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Simply Fabulous

Halloween was a ton of fun this year. Here's my "fabulous" Sharpay and little puppy dog.

My daughter was so excited for Halloween this year. I made her dress and it has been in her closet for a couple of months, but there was no way she was going to wear it and get it dirty before Halloween (only because I can't wash the material). Every picture I took of her she had to pose just like Sharpay. Oh and she wouldn't answer to Alexis on Halloween, she would only acknowledge you if you said Sharpay.

Kyle loved going trick-or-treating, he was all over people giving him candy in his Elmo bucket.

Before going trick-or-treating we went to visit Josh, Zach, Madi at their trunk-or-treat.

Caleb and Alexis loved showing off their costumes for me. Caleb was Indiana Jones and made sure I knew how his lasso worked and that he would protect Alexis from the bad guys and snakes with his gun.

Alexis, Caleb and Zach had a blast trick-or-treating together. Kyle had fun with them too, but he got tuckered out pretty quickly. Alexis asked at every house if she could have a candy for her baby brother. The entire night, Caleb made sure and held Alexis' hand everytime she got scared of the decorations. He is such a protective cousin. We were on our last street and Alexis was done trick-or-treating, but Caleb and Zack wanted to finish the street, so being the sweetheart that he is, Caleb asked for 2 extra candies at every house for her and Kyle. We all had a really fun Halloween. Plus the kids loved that we let them stay up late and play together.

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paxtonfam said...

Wow! You are quite the Martha Stewart, sewing the Sharpay costume. I'm impressed!