Thursday, October 23, 2008

TAG-your it!

G-Thanks for tagging me Kristin. I love this picture of Alexis, I'm not really sure how I got the water droplets so perfect (one of those freak moments when I actually changed a setting on my camera and it worked). We were in St. George at the Hidden Valley water park right by Ty and Steph's house.

Now that I have been tagged, I tag Katie, Emily, Natalie and Brittany.

Here's the tag : Open your pictures folder and post the 4th picture in your 4th folder, then give a brief description of the picture and tag a few more friends.
BTW-I have to brag, I finished all my christmas cards last night!!! Yeah for me not procrasinating this year. All that I need to do is print my pictures. What can I say, I had to have something to do while I was watching Top Design last night-love that show!


Thorpe Family said...

I'm glad you finished your cards! Now you can start mine!!!! Let me know when you need my pics!

Well, this pic of alexis is adorable! Hope you guys are doing well!

paxtonfam said...

Cute picture! Thanks for doing the tag. Look forward to seeing you this next weekend.