Monday, October 13, 2008

A baptism, a blessing and a new baby...

My little brother, Zach was baptized this weekend. I cannot believe he is 8 already-I remember coming home from SUU the weekend after he was born. He had the craziest mullet when he was born, it was adorable and Val didn't have the heart to cut it until he was 11 or 12 months old. Man-how times flies!

My little niece Alyda was blessed on Sunday.

We also got to finally meet our new nephew Luke Timothy. I always think of Kyle as being my baby, but compared to Luke, Kyle is a giant (and a jealous giant too-he was not a happy camper when I was holding the baby).

Oh, and did I mention that we did all of this in a snow storm? Yes-can you believe it? Snow before Halloween! I heard on the news last night that this is the earliest recorded snow storm ever. I love Fall and I am so sad that we only had a couple weeks of it. But Alexis was super excited, she thought the snow meant we could start decorating for Christmas.

Kyle's eye did get a lot of weird looks and Justin and I had to explain what happened about 20 times. It looked a ton better yesterday, but thankfully he wasn't as fussy.


JaredandKatie said...

Sounds like you guys had such a busy weekend! THanks for posting the pics of Alyda and Luke. Luke totally looks like he belongs in Adam & Becky's family. I can't believe how big Alexis and Kyle are getting. It makes me miss them so much!! Hopefully we'll see you all really soon!

E n D said...

I can't believe your little brother is 8, CRAZY!
I love all the redecorating you are doing with your house--I need to go to Tai Pan with you, I've never been there before!
That was the aunt in my post that we went hiking with at Zion, but it wasn't with handicapped kids, it was with college aged foreign exchange students!