Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Spontaneous Labor Day Vacation

I got off work early on Friday and I had a plan for the whole weekend, cleaning, painting, yard work, scrapbooking, etc... You know all the stuff you know needs to be done, but there is always a reason to put it off (the sad thing is that I was kind of excited to get some things caught up). But none of that happened. Justin came home at 430pm, I had just barely gotten back from the store, and he looks and me and tells me I have 35 minutes to pack and then we are leaving. Seriously!!!-I looked at him, like what did you just say? He decided that I needed a break from everything and his spontaneous side took over and he took us to Seattle for the weekend. The best part was that he took care of everything, so I couldn't stress over anything. It was a ton of fun. We stayed with a his cousin Lindsey, who lives about 20 miles north of Seattle-in her brand new house-that was super cute.

We did all the touristy stuff-the space needle, aquarium, boardwalk, dinner at Racha, a super yummy Tai restaurant downtown, lots of sightseeing, the coolest science center (for the kids), and then a bbq with his family, celebrated Nicole's birthday (I wish I had my camera when Justin opened Rob's door and surprised her), we got to meet baby Teegan (who is absolutely adorable), all out pictionary war, and an girls poker tourney (well girls plus Justin)-oh and I was so excited to win-seriously, can you believe I won the poker game? (I guess X-box and watching the World Series of Poker does teach you how to play), and I stumbled across my new favorite kids store-called Pumpkin Patch (I could have bought every outfit in the place, I splurged a little, but not like I wanted to). It was so nice to get away from everything.

{This is one of Kyle's new outfits from pumpkin patch}

So now back to reality....

I made this cute mini album for my mom's birthday and I wanted to share. The lighting in her kitchen isn't the best.


JaredandKatie said...

How fun! That sounds like a blast! I've never been to WA but would love to go. When are we going to meet up in St. George?? Oh, and I totally know what you're talking about with the Punkin Patch, they have quite a few stores here and I love it!!

Emily and Dave said...

That's awesome! Was it seriously spontaneous or did Justin plan it? What a fun weekend!
Is that Tribal Jewelry you're wearing in the first pic?

Natalie said...

Shara I'm jealous. I'd love to go to Seattle someday. I keep begging my mom to take me since she grew up near there along the waterfront. What a great hubby you have. Love that Justin.

paxtonfam said...

darling. it's fun to get out and vacation.