Monday, September 15, 2008

3 Little Jammed Pack Days

This last weekend was a lot of fun, but it was non-stop 20+ hours a day.


We took all the kids to Thanksgiving Point with Grandma Brenda. Kyle and McKadin loved the dinosaurs-Kyle hasn't put down his toy dinosaur since we gave it to him, and Alexis and Madison were just so excited to get to spent so much time with each other.

Anyone that knows my daughter has heard one of her off the wall jokes that no one can understand. Apparently McKadin speaks Alexis and thought it was the funniest thing he has ever heard-I just wish I had recorded his laugh-it was hysterical.

Later that night we went to Fat Cats for Zach's 8th birthday, the kids were going crazy and I barely had time to take pictures with all the running around I was doing. But I did get this awesome picture of Tyler eating-just what everyone wanted to see, right?

On Saturday we had pictures taken with my Dad's family at the Temple Quarry. I can't wait to see how they turned out. We then went to Kneaders and the most yummiest french toast, after breakfast Ty, Steph, Justin and I got to sneak off and see a movie. Thankfully Kyle slept most of the time, and McKadin and Lexi played their own version of Rock Band to keep themselves entertained, thankfully Grandma was still smiling when we got home-those three can be a handful when they get together.

That afternoon my Grandpa married Arlene, who is the sweetest most caring lady, I am so happy for them. I took a ton of pictures, Arlene has a picture perfect backyard, and it was a lot of fun to chase my daughter around-this is my favorite picture I took.

After the wedding EVERYONE went to Outback for dinner-anytime the Boulter's get together at one restaurant it is always chaos, and entertaining.


We all went to Grandpa B's ward and Brandon blessed Taya. My mom was loving showing off her grandkids to all of her old leaders that have watched Howard's family grow up. After church we all headed over to Grandpa's for lunch and got a family picture taken. I love that my daughter is holding still and smiling, Kyle is staring at Hayden's head, McKadin looks like he is winking, lots of closed eyes, Halle has bitter beer face, Jeff is completely hidden, and check out Britt's eye's. With this many people I don't think you can ever have a picture where everyone looks good.

I had a lot of fun this weekend but I was also glad to have a relaxing night at home last night. Well relaxing for me, meant catching up on some mending, finishing a baby blanket-there are so many babies being born, sewing Alexis' Halloween costume, and cleaning out my craft closet. But at least I was at home. Oh I forgot to mention that a skunk got into our backyard last night and got into a fight with our neighbors dog-I can't wait to get the rest of our fence up. Well needless to say we had our bedroom and bathroom windows open to let the fresh Fall air in-but about 11pm instead of our house smelling like Fall, all we could smell was SKUNK. The windows were shut after that, but the smell is still lingering-I lit every candle in my house last night, but the smell is still there-you gotta love inhaling SKUNK while you sleep.


JaredandKatie said...

Looks like you guys had a really busy weekend. I can't believe how grown up Alexis looks. She is getting so big!

paxtonfam said...

Holy cow - girl! You had a really action packed weekend. I bet you're glad to relax now. Grandpa B.'s new wife is cute. That's neat he's not going to be lonely anymore. Cute pictures, especially your daughter in her frilly princess dress.